Whether you adore Czech classics or, on the contrary, enjoy lighter snacks, there will be plenty. Perfectly done burgers, crispy fries, Asian cuisine, refreshing salads, grilled specialties, ice cream of all kinds ...

Don’t miss the real Czech beer, such as Staropramen. Other drinks will be taken care of by the Hard Rock Cafe.

You will pay for all your food and drink comfortably with your own credit card, or we will deposit your cash on a special H-D Mastercard payment card that you receive along with your ticket and cup.

Remember: Never drink and ride!



Visit Hard Rock Cafe zone during Prague Harley Days 2019 and enjoy delicious Legendary® Steak burgers! Special offer for true rock stars - 24-KARAT GOLD LEAF STEAK BURGER™, fresh steak burger with 24-karat edible gold leaf! Head over to enjoy a cold draft beer or watch our bartenders mix up one of our famous cocktails for you. Within the zone you can find also a merchandise point where you can buy a limited edition T-shirt and other items from Hard Rock collection. #HardRockCafe

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