The European Muaythai League will offer tough fights

The Czech top muaythai will dominate the Prague Exhibition Grounds Holešovice on 5 July from 4:00 pm. The European Muaythai League will offer tough fights in which four Czech wrestlers will compete for a two-week training stay in Thailand and a match with their adversary. Besides the four-piece pyramid, the gala evening will also bring superfighters of other Czech stars such as Matěj Trčka, who will stand against Luděk Greguš and Filip Gorol, who will compete with Jiří Páv. The highlight of the evening will be the fight of Lukáš Luky Fuki Dvořák with his opponent in the MMA discipline. 

Muaythai is a sport with a thousand-year tradition, it is a full-contact and one of the toughest disciplines of martial arts, in which athletes also fight with elbows and knees. Bloody injuries often occur in hard fights, but wrestlers around the world connect respect, will, determination and a bold heart.

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