KolinOssuary Sedlec –The Cathedral of St Barbara – Chateau ŽlebyChateau KačinaChateau of Karlova KorunaChateau Poděbrady

Kolin and it's pictoresque town square, gothic cathedral with lookout tower, chateu, parts of ancient city walls, churches and also part of original jewish ghetto with it´s jewel – early baroque synagogue. You must not miss all of that! Visit the bizarre 'bone church' featuring a chandelier made entirely of human bones and a gothic cathedral listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in Kutna Hora. Then continue to the Chateau Žleby featuring architecture reminiscent of old England. Continue on to Chateau Kačina with a local museum of country life and agriculture. Chateau of Karlova Koruna (Charles's Crown) in Chlumec nad Cidlinou is recognized as one of top baroque architecture buildings in Bohemia  - it's construction and design plans were invented by Giovanni-Santini-Aichl. Last stop of this trip is in Poděbrady Spa with it's Chateau. Bohemian king Jiří form Poděbrady was born here centuries before the local Spa or Polabské Museum were established.

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