Chateau PrůhoniceThe Military Technical Museum of LešanyChateau KonopištěChateau Jemniště – mountain of Blaník – castle of Šternberk – Chateau Zásmuky

Neo-renaissance jewel, that what Chateau Průhonice is, decently situated in its unique and charming park, being part of UNESCO world heritage listings. Continuing from romantic to technicals: The Military Technical Museum of Lešany has one of the largest collections of military machines in Europe featuring 350 historic tanks, airplanes, canons, motorcycles andarmoured vehicles. Continue to Chateau Konopiště that was the residence of Franz Ferdinand d'Este, the successor of the throne to the Austro-Hungarian Empire that was murdered in 1914, the chateau features a marvellous hunting trophy collection and aunique historical shooting range dating from 1900. There is also museum of the legendary Czechmotorcycle, Jawa, that can be found at Konopiště. Continue on to visit the mythical mountain of Blaník, under which is said to be the sleeping army of St. Wenceslaus. Continue on to the castle of Šternberk that was founded in 1241 and is one of the oldest Czech castles and still belongs the noble family Šternberk. Finally visit the Zásmuky Chateau which has the beauty of baroque andrenaissancearchitecture, an artificial cave and a former brewery.
Baroque Chateau Jemniště will please every romantic soul. And stomach, too. Picnicns held in the local chateau´s park belong to well konwn ones.

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