Panenské Břežany Memorial – Chateau Mělník – Devil’s heads Želízy – Dubá – Doksy – Bělá pod Bezdězem – Mladá BoleslavKokořín CastleChateau Brandýs nad Labem

A multimedia exposition of takes you back to WWII and the anti-Nazi movement Panenské Břežany is connected to. Continue on and visit Chateau Mělník located on hills above the place where the Vltava and Labe river join. This road will then lead you to the wonderful natural park of Kokořínsko where you will see Heads of devils and reliefs of Hussites´ Warriors from the 15th century, lean into corners, ravines, sandstone rocks, deep forests and twistes again all the way down to Mácha's lake and town of Doksy. This is the starting point for walk on Bezděz castle, also nemad as „Castle of Kings“. One of few castles existing till today in it´s original, pure shape. Under the caste, Bělá pod Bezdězem offers romantic history as well as sporting resort of Vrch bělá. Through the country of important czech poet Mácha you ride towards Kokořín castle, former settlement of robber knights. It would be a pity not to turn and go to Mladá Boleslav – czech metropolis of cars. Škoda Auto Muzeum is located in the original renovated buildings of Laurin&Klement company. The launched their first motorcycle back in 1899. Endless winding roads, rock formations and deep forests finally take you to Kokořín Castle, the former settlement of robber knights. Finally, have a coffee at the renaissance chateau of Brandýs nad Labem, favourite place to visit for members of the Habsburg dynasty.

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