The mining museum in PříbramMemorial Vojna at LešeticeOrlík Dam – Svatý Jan – Hřiměždice – Nový Knín – Slapy

The mining museum in Příbram is the largest of its kind in the Czech Republic. It was established in 1886 in the original buildings belonging to four ore mines. This mine was the place where many Czech citizens deemed to be inconvenient for the communist regime lost their lives working and being tortured in the 1950's and 1960's. They were writers, artists, church and political leaders and even heroes that fought against the Nazis. The memory of this communist concentration camp is frozen in time at the memorial at Vojna u Lešetice. Continue on to Orlík Dam which is the largest dam in the Czech Republic and a popular water recreation destination.
San Juan debajo de la Roca, bautiful small village close to Berounka river in middle of rocks. After monastery of St. Benedictus, baroque church of St. John Baptist – with connection coridor to St. Ivan cave – was established in 16th century. Healing water, named after St. Ivan, springs up from the rock right next to the curch wall. Want a natural bath? Drop in Hříměždice quarry, you will love the place!
Where and how gold was exploited in Bohemia? In Nový Knín. In the local mining museum you can find out how the used to do it in old times. Charm and beauty compete to each other in Slapy – baroque church and chateu in the ville, natural sceneries and water leisure in Slapy Dam.

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