Botanicus – Prehistoric Mohyla Nymburk – ZOO Chleby – Chateau Mcely Chateau Loučeň Chateau Dětenice – Chateau Lysá nad Labem

Botanicus Ostrá or Historic village of arts and crafts, herb gardens and arboretum of Vaclav and Dagmar Havel – a place not to be missed.
First, visit a grave from the stone age (cca 3600 B.C.), a bronze-age fortification and medieval ditch in Nymburk. Continue on to the ZOO in Chleby. It is one of smallest zoos in Czech Republic, but you have a chance to pet and play with many of the animals living there. Even though you are tough bikers, who doesn’t want to feeding lemurs? Chateau Mcely, luxurious ecological hotel in neoclassicist roamntic style. Are you desperate for a rest? Do not be afraid to have a break right here – the hotel holds the World Travel Award since 2008. If you want something really special? Request a viewing of the Labyrinth at Loučeň ChateauDo you feel a bit overhelmed by chateaus? Do not miss Dětenice, though – historic style pub, restaurant and brewery where the „liquid gold“ is made since 18th century. Need extra dose of adrenalin after all the sights? Drop in Milovice and visit local tank drive polygon. In case even a wild drive in armored vehicle does not speed up your heartbeat, go and meet the herd of bisons and wild horses in the local nature preserve. Finally, visit the baroque residence of Premyslov and Habsburg nobles in Lysá nad Labem.

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