Friday July 5th and Saturday July 6th, 2019. Both days are bank holiday in Czech Republic.


plan: Výstaviště Holešovice
address: U Výstaviště 67, 170 00 Praha 7
opening hours: 9:00 - 3:00


• Only full event entry tickets are available (i.e. entry for 2 days, 1 day ticket is not available)

Price of 1 ticket is EUR 25. And you purchase it here. You receive the ticket via email, right after your payment is processed. Opening hours of cashdesk here.

• You can claim your wristband, card and cup from 4th July 2pm-8pm at the PHD Cashdesk. 

• You receive MasterCard payment card and special H-D style designed cup with the ticket. (Please note availability of these items is limited.) You pick up the card and cup when entering the PHD 2019 event site.

• You can buy your ticket at the gate as well. Cash or card payments are accepted.

• "Partner tickers" are not over-the-counter and does't include cup and card. 

• Visitors of age over 70 or under 15 have admittion free, as well as pregnant ladies and handicaped fans with their assistant, permanent residents of Prague 7


• PHD 2019 is conceived as cashless event (Sorry, Johnny). This means that only cash-less payments are allowed within entire event site, at any tent, bar, grill etc. It´s qicker and safer.

• You can use your regular MasterCard/Visa payment card, or our special MasterCard which comes for free with a bought ticket, once you „load“ some amount on it.

• The event MasterCard can be loaded only one time with amount of your choice (min CZK 500, max CZK 6000). You can use it for payments not only within PHD 2019 area during the event, but also anywhere in Czech Republic until it´s expiry date (June 2021).

Attention! Do you already have your H-D card from last year 115 H-D celebrations and you have money left there? Use it on PHD 2019. For next recharge use a new card you got with your ticket and the cup.


• You receive – together with event payment card – H-D style designed cup with your ticket (until stock runs out only).

• That´s why we will not be exchanging the cups for water, beer or cash upon return.

• One cup is yours, you get a „fresh“ one any time you purchase another beer.

• In case you end up with a cup with an artistic design you do not want to keep, you can exchange the piece for the style you do like in a special tent.


No dogs will be allowed within the PHD 2019 except assistance dogs on the leash. 


Motorcycles – free parking within Vystaviste area (event site). Capacity of the parking space is approx. 2000 motorcycles.

Cars – your own responsibility. Parking space for cars within the event site/area is not available.

Opening hours

Friday: 9 am – 3 am
Saturday: 9 am – 3 am


• OPEN: Friday 9 am – 9pm, Saturday 8 am – 9 pm

You will find the Info Centre located in foyer of the middle hall of Industry Palace. You can solve there: 

• band for the Parade. If you have bought your ticket online on presale, we guarantee your spot in the Parade. Please claim your band on Friday 5th July at Info Centre and place it on your bike. If not, we cannot guarantee the spot. 

• awards from Happy Week contest

• lost property


1. You are in the area with motorcycles – watch out! 2. Respect the rules for visitors. Listen to the organizer's instructions and keep the area clean.
3. Don't touch motorcycles that are not yours! 
4. Don't you want to carry your helmet all day? Need to ask something? Need restrooms? You will find wc, info centre and cloak room in the foyer of the middle hall!
5. Important phone numbers:
• ORGANIZER: +420 777 362 503 

Please be considerate to residents, don't park on sidewalks & try to eliminate noise during the night. Thank you!


By motorcycle

With a valid ticket, you can ride to the venue on a motorcycle of any brand. For a smooth check-in process, we recommend buying tickets in advance.

By walking/public transport

We recommend using public transport. The basic line for arrival is by subway (Line C of the Prague Metro), station Nádraží Holešovice. After exiting the Metro it is possible to continue by walking (about 10 minutes) or by Tram No. 12, 17 or 6 to the Výstaviště Holešovice stop. 

By car 

It is possible to use paid parking for cars in front of Tip Sport Arena, but the capacity of this parking lot is limited, so we recommend using public transport.


Entry for visitors to the Prague Harley Days 2019 event is only possible through the main entrance from U Výstaviště Street. Other entrances to the venue (from Stromovka, from the Sports Hall) will be closed.


•Alcohol, glass bottles 

•Weapons, explosives, etc.


•Any illegal drugs


•Scooters, bicycles, push bikes, tricycles, •skateboards, segways, etc.

•Other dangerous objects

Specific permission may be modified by the organizing agency which must always be obeyed, even though their instructions might be different from this information.

The security service has the right to check your bags/luggage, as well as the contents of the bottles you want to bring to the venue. 

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