Třebíz – Gothic temple of Panenský Týnec – Church of St. John the Baptist Vraný – Marian Column Velvary – NelahozevesChateau Veltrusy  Chateau Roztoky u Prahy

How the daily life ran in a bohemian village in 1850's? Fin dout in person in National Heritage Musem of Slansko in Třebíz. The interactive displays are located right in original houses and courts. Despite never being fully finished it belongs among the most perfect Czech historical sights. The gothic temple in Panenský Týnec is, according to many, a place with strong mystic and healing energy. The St. John the Baptist baroque church in Vrané is also worth visiting. You can’t miss the historical centre of the royal town of Velvary with the Marian Plague Column from the 18th century on the main square. You just get closer to Vltava river, meeting the ville of Nelahozeves. You can find here not only one of most beautiful renaissance chateaus with vintage paintings gallery, but also the house where the world famous composer Antonín Dvořák was born. You can top the visit with a quiet while in St. Andrew church, where once little Antonín used to amaze the crowd by his music for the first time. In one of the largest chateau parks, you will find romantic countryside, wild forests filled with centuries-old trees and hidden nooks with statues and pavilionsas the Vltava winds its way through. All this surroundsan amazing chateau in Veltrusy. Finally, stop by the chateau Roztoky – a former fortress and post-renassance residence with a museum of Central Bohemia featuring statues, a park and café. The main celebration site in downtown Prague is just minutes away.

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