Křivoklát Castle – Rozvědčík’s Pub Nezabudice – ruins of Týřov Castle – Krakovec Castle – Chateau St. Hubert – National Histroy Museum of Jesenice  T.G.M. Museum Rakovník – Museum of vintage american cars JK Classics – T.G.M. Museum Nové Strašecí – St. Wenceslaus

Begin your sightseeing in Křivoklát, one of the most important and oldest royal castles in the Czech Republic and is stuffed with amazing and rare collectables. Have lunch at Rozvědčík´s Pub and enjoy the a taste of the local beer and soak in the atmosphere of Ota Pavel, a famous Czech writer.
High above the waterlevel of Berounka river, ruins of Týřov castle from 13th century dominate the rock looking down the old river valley. For it's outstanding military qualities, this fort was favourite one to the caesar and king Charles IV. – the caste was never conquered or demaged. Even Hussite troops avoided any quests. Continue on to Krakovec Castle, the last shelter of Jan Hus, who was sentenced to death as a heretic and burned alive in Constanz in 1415. Then visit Chateau St. Hubert which is a simple baroque building named after the patron saint of hunters. Every room of this chateau is filled with hunting trophies. Museum and history lovers, this is where you will love it! National History Museum of Jesenice focuses on nature and traditional healing arts, we continue to T.G. Masaryk Museum in Rakovník and Museum of vintage american cars JK Classics in Lužná. Last bit is the T.G.M. Museum in Nové Strašecí.
Finally, stop by the St. Wenceslaus oak in Stochov which is a tree planted by St. Ludmila when her grandson, St. Wenceslaus, the patron saint of the Czech lands was born in 903 AD.A

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