Karlštejn Castle – Chateau Svinaře – Koněprusy cavesChateau HořoviceŽebrák CastleTočník Castle – Museum and Heating plant in Zdice – Beroun – Chateau Kladno – Lidice Memorial

First stop – Karlštejn Castle. The castle was built in 1348 by the Czech king and Caesar of the Holy Roman Empire, Charles IV to house the precious crown jewels, don´t miss this amazing gothic castle. Then, continue on to Svinaře and Hořovice, two beautiful chateaus with romantic history and surroundings. Between these make sure you stop at Koněprusy caves, largest expolred cave systém in Czech Republic. Enjoy view of rich stalactite decoration and fresh-cold environment! Žebrák castle – favourite place of czech nobles and kings – boasts by its round tall tower, now used for look outs. You can also see right on majesty castle of Točník from here. Next, explore historical steam machines, locomotives and other vehicles at the Railway Museum and Heating plant in Zdice. Through town of Beroun, medival important crossroad of business paths, nowadays ville of many sights, culture and live bears... Continue through the picturesque town centre of Beroun that brings you to Chateau Kladno. The last stop is Lidice Memorial, where an entire village was destroyed and its citizens executed or sent to death camps by the Nazis, as retribution for the assassination of reichsprotektor Reinhard Heydrich in the 1940's. 

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